Thursday, January 18, 2018

SCCM - Download Software Updates with PowerShell

After you setup your new SCCM environment, it can be time consuming to download all Software Updates and place them in the right deployment package. This is an example of how you could automate that with PowerShell. It will download all software updates contained in the given Software Update Group and will save and download them to an already created deployment package.
$sugDeployment = "Deployment Group - 2017 - Microsoft Updates - Non-OS"
$dpkg = "Deployment Package - 2017 - Microsoft Updates - Non-OS"
$supLanguages = @("English","Dutch")
Get-CMSoftwareUpdateGroup -Name $sugDeployment | Save-CMSoftwareUpdate -DeploymentPackageName $dpkg -Verbose -SoftwareUpdateLanguage $supLanguages
Creating a deployment package with PowerShell is also possible, but remember you need to create the path on the filesystem yourself.

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