Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SCCM: Get Drivers From Driver Packages (WQL)

I was searching for a way to list Driver Packages which contain Drivers. Why? I want to use Driver Packages without importing the drivers in SCCM.
Why? You can read about that here: http://hayesjupe.wordpress.com/sccm-osd-driver-best-practices/

I found an interesting script of Christjan which can detect differences in drivers between Driver Packages. The script contained the necessary WQL statements that I needed.

Here's the link to his script:

Example WQL query for displaying the PackageID and Name of Driver Packages that contain drivers:


JOIN SMS_CIToContent AS CITC ON PTC.ContentUniqueID=CITC.ContentUniqueID
JOIN SMS_DriverPackage AS DPKG ON PTC.PackageID = DPKG.PackageID

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SCCM: Task Sequence Import Fails with APPCRASH

Currently I'm working on automating the provisioning of SCCM environments.
One of the things that came along was exporting and importing Task Sequences between SCCM environments.
After automatically dealing with the package references I was ready to import them in the target SCCM deployment with my script.

Sadly, this didn't work. Even with the ConfigMgr Console it didn't work. As I was not presented with some kind of error, I searched the Event Viewer.

There I found multiple APPCRASH events (eventid 1000) on wmiprvse.exe.
So there had to be something in the Task Sequence export files that causes WMI to crash.

Many times WMI crashes because of bad queries or non-existing WMI classes, or ..... yep memory issues.

After (manually :'( ) comparing the two SCCM deployments, I found out I was missing the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Task Sequence steps on the target SCCM deployment. After installing that, all issues were gone.

It would be nice though if the ConfigMgr console could present me with a simple error, stating that MDT was missing. Arghh.....