Thursday, December 9, 2010

SCOM: Find Specific Members in User Roles (PowerShell)

Last week I was doing some User Role testing with a test account of mine. Normally I always use Active Directory groups for adding and removing members of a user role.
But for quick testing with some views I added my test account directly to several user roles.

I wanted to know in which user roles my test account was added.
Beneath is a PowerShell script to find members of a user role which name contains the given search criteria. The name is usually a (AD) User Account or Group, like Admin1234@domain.local or DOMAIN\Admin123.

#Find member of userrole which contains a specific text
#The search criteria is case-sensitive

$searchtext = "Admin"
Get-Userrole | Sort DisplayName | % { $userrole = $_.DisplayName;$_.Users | % { If($_.Contains("$searchtext")){ Write-Host -foregroundcolor yellow $userrole;Write-Host " $_"} }}

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