Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SCOM: Recipient address not valid - Find with PowerShell

One of the benefits of Operations Manager 2007 is the capability for users to create and maintain their own subscription notifications.

When a user adds a notification device to there recipient configuration, it's easy to make a small mistake. Whenever the Notifcation Server on the RMS trying to send a notification to a misconfigured address an alert is triggered, "Recipient address <address> is not valid."

The alert description shows in which subscription this address is used, but it's more important to know in which recipient this address can be found.

For that you can use this PowerShell script:

$searchcriteria = "yourtext"
Get-NotificationRecipient | foreach {
$addresses = $null;
$subname = $null;
$subname = $_.Name;
$addresses = $_.Devices | Where {
$_.Address -match $searchcriteria
if ($addresses -ne $null) {
Write-Host '***' $subname '***'; $addresses
As a one-liner:
$searchcriteria = "yourtext";Get-NotificationRecipient | foreach {$addresses = $null;$subname=$null;$subname = $_.Name;$addresses = $_.Devices | Where {$_.Address -match $searchcriteria }; if ($addresses -ne $null) { Write-Host '***' $subname '***'; $addresses}}

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