Friday, June 4, 2010

SCOM: Get-UserRole Views (PowerShell)

Currently I'm working on a OpsMgr Shell script to output the allowed Views for User Roles.

Current status: Working from User Role perspective to output views. Too bad, the folder hierarchy has to build from another perspective. There's a challenge!
$mgmtgrp = (Get-ManagementGroupConnection).ManagementGroupGet-UserRole | Select -First 1 | foreach { If($_.IsScopeFixed -ne $true){Write-Host "--"$_.DisplayName"--"$_.Scope.MonitoringViews | foreach { $arrViews += @($mgmtgrp.GetMonitoringView($_.First).DisplayName)}$arrViews = $arrViews | Sort-Object$arrViews$arrViews = $null}}

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